Why Us

Why should't your home be exclusively yours, inside and out? Mountain Valley Designer Homes will work with you from log to landscape. The design of your cabin will be handcrafted by Steven Stewart himself.

Steven Jolley Stewart has been crafting wood for over 16 years with work that ranges from bed frames to building facades.  His experience as an artisan wood builder and scriber includes building hundreds of homes across 7 states.

Word working is literally in his blood, as his Danish ancestors built Viking ships in the Middle Ages.

Their approach to any projects includes a frame of mind and design.  The mentality behind any project includes these principles:

  • Leave an eco-friendly legacy with a small footprint and little to no pollution
  • Works include designs for clean leaving and self-sustaining cabins in the mountainous environment
  • Structures are created to embody the culture of historical mountain dwellings

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